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Saving money on Diabetes Medications and Supplies can be quite complicated. For people with diabetes, the job of caring for your self and making sure your body remains balanced is a 24/7 job.

It is unfortunate that for many people who have diabetes, figuring out how to pay for your medical supplies can be just as time-consuming.

The American Diabetes Association reports that on average, a person with diabetes spends an extra $9,600 a year a year in related medical expenses.

It is no simple task to reduce medical costs, mainly when most of the required medical supplies aren't easily found in a generically form. To help reduce the costs and extra financial burdens, we have compiled a list of tips to save you money and live smarter with diabetes.

Clip Coupons for Medical Supplies

Everyone's Mother or grandmother at some point clipped coupons from supermarkets and pharmacies. (you know back in the old days when dinosaurs still roamed, and paper was still a thing).

A quick search will often yield decent savings discounts on diabetic test strips and glucose meters. These discounts are relatively common. Most pharmacies also have weekly print and online ads with deals and coupons. Many supermarkets and discount stores have hand-outs that can be found near the front door.

Search for Insulin Discounts and Savings Programs

By far, the most expensive item for people with diabetes is insulin, which many people have learned about thanks to news stories and Congressional hearings.

Some people with diabetes have even resorted to traveling outside of the USA to find lower insulin prices. Many others have been turning to sites and programs, allowing you to trade or pay-it-forward to help the diabetes community.

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Another way to lower insulin costs is to take advantage of savings programs offered by insulin manufacturers. Even with horror stories of absurdly high insulin costs in the news, it can be surprising to find some (moderately) good deals with coupons. For example, right now:

  • Sanofi: In May 2019, it was announced that its Valyou Savings Program requires a monthly fee of $99 for up to 10 vials or boxes of pens for its insulin brands. It is a pretty sizable discount when some people with diabetes are forced to pay close to three times as much for the same amount of insulin.
  • Lilly: In early 2019, they launched an "authorized generic" insulin known as Insulin Lispo, or half-priced Humalog at only $137 per vial, or $265 per box of five pens.
  • Walmart Insulin: The retail giant offers the old-school Novolin R and N insulins for just $35 a vial. Make sure only to use these types of insulin once you've talked to your doctor since they are based on a  different formulation than newer insulins.
  • Novo: They haven't made any decent effort to try and match its two big competitors, Novo does offer a Patient Assistance savings program that provides eligible individuals insulin brands for slightly less than they might typically pay.

These programs do have eligibility requirements that can be another level of challenges; they also don't come close to solving the issue of overpriced insulin. But it does help ease the pain.

Shop for Non-Prescription Items Online

Thanks to the diabetic community and the media, many Americans are now aware of the outrageously high price of insulin. However, Diabetics know that there are plenty of mundane costs as well.

Simple things like the costs of adhesive wipes, alcohol swabs, and other supplies that don't require a prescription can quickly add up. There is good news; many of these supplies can be found cheaply and easily online.

On Amazon, for example, a two pack of 100 BD Regular Alcohol Swabs are available for as little as $9. My local pharmacy wanted more than double that price for a single pack of 100.

Explore Pharmacy Shopping

Numerous new apps allow you to search for local pharmacies to quickly compare prices for many different items, both prescription and not. These include GoodRx, WellRx, and These apps come in handy for people without insurance and have to pay list price.

It is important to remember the quality of the drugs available from online pharmacies can vary widely, so be careful. For instance the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) worked to create a list of Pharmacies that are known to have better quality supplies.

Medicine Assistance Tool Database is a handy tool.

Not that long ago the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) created an online search tool of financial assistance programs called the Medicine Assistance Tool (MAT). Unfortunately, it does not include insulin but does include syringes and test strips, and many other standard diabetes supplies.

Find Affordable Diabetes Test Strips

There are very simple ways to help in saving money on diabetes medications and supplies, especially BG strips. It is pretty easy to find discounted deals with companies that bundle strips together with services and other supplies for low monthly rates.

There are many plans available from a site called One Drop. They offer deals starting at $23 a month that include access to a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) via their mobile app.

It may be worth looking into Livongo and Diathrive for subscriptions that offer test strips, meters, Diabetic coaching, and other benefits.

There is also a rapidly growing "gray market" for test strips, in which companies buy extra strips from Diabetics or other sources and resell them.

These sites, however, are not what they are cracked up to be. Many places put a premium on things that you can get for much cheaper from almost any retailer.

Use Free Samples of Diabetes Meds and Supplies

One of the simplest ways to help in saving money on diabetes medication and supplies, especially if you're struggling to pay for your required medications, is to ask about samples. It is effortless, and your health care provider will be more than accommodating when you ask. They are samples, and they are designed to be given away.

Photo by Don Agnello / Unsplash

It is essential to keep in mind that it's significantly harder to get samples of prescription drugs like insulin, as this practice has been banned in many areas.

Another easy path to free diabetes supplies is to visit the American Diabetes Association's local Diabetes Expos, where samples are almost forced upon you.

Get Assistance with Out-of-Network Insurance Bills

For those lucky enough to have health insurance, finding more ways to save money on diabetes supplies can still be very beneficial. Since there's a good chance you are still paying more than you should for out-of-network bills.

Fortunately, there is a platform that makes it very easy to get money back, its called Better. Better you to scan and upload any out-of-network medical bill and submit it.

Better will then handle the entire claim process for you by submitting an appeal for you that often results in reimbursement. The staff analyzes billing codes and if necessary, will argue with insurance adjusters, (not only saving you money but also keeping you from stressful headaches).

If you do get reimbursed, they take a small percentage. If you don't get reimbursed, then they don't take anything, which makes it very advantageous for both you and them to make sure to get money back.

The Stark Truth

There are numerous smart ways to save money on diabetes supplies, and some may require a little more effort than others. Never be willing to pay full price and regret it. Think of purchasing a car; you NEVER should pay sticker price. Instead, shop around online, research the different discount programs, and ask other people you know with diabetes if they have any leftover supplies they can spare.

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