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Have you ever noticed how you tend to put on the pounds when you are stressed out? Well it is an unfortunate combinaiton of hormonal and psychological variables that affect this weight gain. Your body has a control system that can encourage weight gain when you are under periods of stress. It is important for your overall health to not stress. Plus, there are some simple mistakes that we all make when we are stressed that can cause us to gain weight.

If you are worried about making mistakes when stressed out and gaining weight, you cannot afford to miss out on our guide that will help you avoid some of the silliest mistakes we make while stressed.

1. Overdoing it on caffeine

If you are a coffee addict, you might want to take a second look at how many cups you are consuming a day. Studies have shown that more than 5 cups a day of coffee can cause weight gain and porblems with insulin resistance.

If you are a coffee addict, you might want to take a second look at how many cups you are consuming a day. Studies have shown that more than 5 cups a day of coffee can cause weight gain and porblems with insulin resistance. If you are into the fancy drinks, you know the ones loaded with cream and sugar, then you can easily go overboard on calorie consumption from drinks alone.  

2. Forgetting to drink water


Put down those comfort drinks like a soda or a beer, and instead drink some water. It can help you to reduce stress by lowing your blood pressure and helping you to stay hydrated.

3. Being too busy to exercise


We are all crazy busy with our day to day lives, that is understandable. No matter how busy you are, you need to make time for exercise every day. Even a simple workout, such as push ups or situps at home canhelp to protect you from axiety and stress. Let's not forget that working out and stay active can help you to shed those extra pounds instead of put them on.

4. Skipping meals or forgetting to eat


Now missing a snack or not eating enough here and there probably won't hurt your well being, especially if you are dieting. But this type of behavior can adversely impact your body weight if you skip meals regularly. Skipping a meal often causes you to crave for more fattening and less healthy foods.

5. Not de-stressing


Although you might think it is a good idea to ignore stress, push through it, or chalk it up to part of your life, it won't simply go away. By doing simple things like taking deep breaths or meditating you can help to reduce your level of stress. If you can control your stress levels you will be much more likely to keep your weight in control or even lose weight.

6. Eating more fast food or junk foods


It's always easier to go stop at a drive through or grab a bag of chips and a soda right? Just pig out on food that is horible for us but helps to comfort us? When you are stressed and busy filling your self with this junk food, you are significantly more likely to gain weight because of this poor diet. Why not put the chips away and pick up an apple and a glass of water instead of that soda?

7. You ease your mind with a cocktail or alcohol.


Dont't go out and start binge driking to help you deal with your stress. Drinking does the opposite, it ends up causing you more stress. But this stress is on your internal organs. If you drink heavily every day you are much more likely to be obese and have health complications.

8. Trying fad diets


Just do everyone a favor and stay away from those god awful Fad Diets. There seems to be a new one every few weeks. If you ever do one of these fad diets, you will regain the weight when you go back to your old eatig habits. This doesn't even include how they will affect your body if you are stressed. They are most often very unhealthy as they force you to elimate certain foods that you actually need to have a complete diet.

9. Worrying.


Almost everyone has had that moment where you are worried about something and you find solace in food. Research has shown that being stressed and worried can cause your body to release ghrelin, which is the hormone responsible for hunger. If you can relax and not be stressed the levels of this hormone will decrease and you will not be as likely to stress eat. Focus on the present and dont worry so much about the past or the future.

10. Poor sleep

A lot of people who are highly stressed also have problems with getting a good nights sleep. With out getting the rest you need you are much less likely to be able to deal with the next days stress. If you can do one thing to help your stress levels it is to get a good nights sleep. Turn the TV off and put away the phone.  

11. You eat on the go or while multitasking.

On those days when you are going a million different directions it is important to know that you need to take a moment to eat. We all do it, we are busy doing 4 things at once and one of those things happens to be munching on a fattening snack. Instead we would be better off if we just paused and made something healthy to eat and use that time to de-stress about whatever it is that we are working on.

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