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We all have mornings where we wake up feeling groggy, or maybe it's the middle of the day and we have mentally checked out. Well it's not always a single thing that causes you to feel out of energy and tired. But there are definitely some simple and fun things you can to to increase your energy levels and feel more energized.

You might be tired right now, but missing out on these simple and easy tips to increase your energy level is not something you can afford to do!

1. Take A Walk


Stand up, go outside, go for a long walk. Help to get that blood flowing around your body. Sitting around, at a desk or on a couch can really lower your energy levels. Getting up and mobving around can do miracles for your energy levels.

2. Get More Sleep


Okay, this one is a bit too obvious right? If you are tired and feeling like you have no energy left you need to reevaluate your sleeping habits. If you don't get enough sleep each night, or the sleep you get is not good sleep, then you will always wake up feeling drained. Why not turn off the phone earlier, turnoff the TV and aim to get more sleep than you usually would and see what happens to your energy levels.

3. Exercise


Get that morning workout in. Don't make excuses to skip it or stay home and be lazy. Getting your blood pumping does more than help you gain muscle and keep your heart healthy. It releases endorphins that wake you up and increase your energy levels.

4. Eat A Whole Grain Breakfast


Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and can make or break your daily energy levels. Definitely don't skip it, more importantly make sure that it is a healthy breakfast full of whole grains. Avoid those fast food breakfasts that have no meaningful nutrients.

5. Eat Something With Coconut Oil


Surprising right? Coconut oil does more than help your hair and skin look good. When you eat some coconut oil it helps to release chemicals in your brain that increase energy levels.

6. Drink Lemon Water

Who doesn't love lemon water? It seems to help with just about any problem you can think of and it tastes pretty good too. Thanks to its tart flavor and antioxidants it can help you to feel awake and refeshed in the middle of the day.

7. Nurse A Coffee Throughout The Day


Instead of downing cup after cup of coffee and overloadingyour self with caffeine, ending in a crash around mid day. Let's try nursing that first cup of coffee thorugh the day. Keep it warm in a thermos and take sips through the day as you start to lose energy. Or better yet, make it an iced coffee.

8. Laugh Out Loud


That whole "laughter is the best medicine" thing, is actually true. Laughing helps release serotonin, the happy hormone that can brighten your mood and increase your energy levels. Plus who doesn't love a good laugh here and there when you're stressed and out of energy?

9. Stop Your Snoozing


Those days of sleeping in, or taking afternoon naps are over. You need to get your sleeping schedule undercontrol and regulated. If you are over sleeping and taking naps during the day then your body doesn't know when to be awake and when sleep. Leaving you stuck in the middle and out of energy.

10. Drink Two Glasses Of Icy Water


It should be a general rule that you drink two glasses of cold water every morning when you wake up. It helps to wake your internal organs up and will replace any water you sweated out while sleeping the night before. Plus it tastes good and gives you a morning jolt of energy.

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