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Do you struggle to fall asleep even though you can barely keep you eyes open? So many people wake up in the morning feeling like they haven't slept at all. Many of us turn to medications or try to just shrug it off and count sheep till we fall asleep earlier the next day.

We have an amazing solution for you, a bed time snack! Something that canhelp you to fall sleep faster and sleep better.

The ingredients in these bed time snacks help to regulate your bodys sleep hormones so you will start to feel drowsy and get a good nights rest. No more sleepless nights and groggy mornings for you!

1. Cherry Juice


This might seem wild, they are full of carbs and sugar and will definitely keep me awake right? Well Cherries naturally boost levels of melatonin that lovely chemical your body needs to sleep.

2. Warm Milk and Honey


This simple combination has been used for milenia to treat insomnia. So for the regular person who is struggling to sleep it should to more than enough to knock you out until the next day.

3. Figs


Figs are naturally packed with magnesium, a mineral that helps to regulate sleep disorders. They can also help your body make more of the chemicals that put your brain to rest when its time to get some rest.

4. Walnuts


Eating walnuts at night can help your body to make serotonin and melatonin, the “body clock” hormones that set your sleep-wake cycles. Better yet they are low calorie and very healthy for you.

5. Cheese and Crackers


Pretty much any dairy product can help you to get better sleep. That whole warm glass of milk thing really shows how dairy can get you to fall asleep and stay sleep.

6. Banana


Bananas might be full of fiber and carbs but they are also heavy in Tryptophan, that magical chemical that causes you to pass out after a bug turkey dinner. Yea you know which one we are talking about.

7. Pretzels


Now these are definitely higher in carbs and possibly a lot of sugar and salt but that is what helps them to put you to sleep. They will cause a spike in bloodsugar and the resulting increase in insulin levels will cause you to feel tired and fall asleep easier.

8. Dark chocolate


Most people are not fond of Dark Chocolate, they find it bitter and harsh on the pallet. But it does help to reduce stress by causing the release of that happy horomone serotonin. Helping you to relax both body and mind so you can sleep better and longer.

9. Turkey and Pickle Wraps


Okay, this one is a little weirder. But it is still an excellent sorce or triptophan that chemical that makes you drowsy after a big thanksgiving dinner. Plus it has some mind-relaxing properties that can help you get better more meaningful rest.

10. Chamomile tea


We all enjoy tea when we are sick, or maybe on a rainy morning. But Certain tea's like chamomile can help your body to relax and get ready to fall asleep when its time to get that critical shut eye.

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